Shoulder Box
  • Shoulder Box

  • Advantage: Low Cost, Faster Turnaround, Faster Delivery. Convenient Shoulder box is the popular packaging box, a sign of good quality and low price.

  • Application: Packaging For Clothing, Jewellery, Gift, Makeup

  • Raw Materials: Paper Cardboard,Corrugated Paper, Special Paper

Shipping Box
  • Shipping Box

  • Advantage: Waterproof, Compressive, Cheap The transport shipping box make our lives feel the speed of internet age.

  • Application: Packaging For Cosmetic, Gift, Electronics, Clothing Act.

  • Raw Materials: Corrugated Box

Magnetic Box
  • Magnetic Box

  • Advantage: Convenient, Exquisite, Highly Loved. Magnetic packaging box connect consumers and product closely.

  • Application: Packaging For Clothing, Cosmetic, Gift, Electronics

  • Raw Materials: Rigid Paper Cardboard, Ivory Paper, Art Paper.