Eco friendly sustainable packaging have been the dividing line for printing factory

In the current packaging industry known in the market, paper packaging, plastic packaging, acrylic packaging, wooden packaging, metal (aluminum, stainless steel) packaging, etc. have appeared. From 2019 to 2020, the annual output of packaging waste in countries around the world has continued to rise, with 80 million tons in the United States, 50 million tons in the United Kingdom, and 45 million tons in France. People care about eye-catching packaging appearance, creative design, and ignore the future of packaging and its impact on our future.
The concept of sustainable packaging is more and more recognized and affirmed by everyone. We hope that while improving the quality of people's lives, we can also make a contribution to the planet. Paper packaging is the first choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging because the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when paper is produced is lower than that of other materials, and the amount of toxic gas emitted is also below atmospheric standards.

What is sustainable packaging?

1. The amount of harmful gas or carbon dioxide emitted from packaging raw materials is within the acceptable range.
2. The packaging itself is easy to transport and can be recycled and reused, which is not the responsibility of the earth.
3. It is conducive to the self-decomposition of the earth, and it takes at least 500 years for the earth to decompose plastics.
4. Perfect packaging design size and box shape, without wasting any raw materials.
5. The entire packaging scheme is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.
6. The packaging will not emit harmful gases and is healthy for the life cycle of people.
7. The price and consumer experience are acceptable to the public.

Eco friendly sustainable packaging solution

Compared with plastic, wood, metal and other packaging methods, paper packaging meets the above conditions. When Sonpha released the concept of sustainable packaging globally in 2019, it set itself as a supplier of sustainable paper packaging in China. Obtained relevant international certification that year, and informed us that all the packaging boxes are 100% recyclable. We have rich experience in designing packaging in many popular industries, allowing customers to experience sustainable packaging while still being bright.

Gift Box
People have high requirements for gift packaging, whether it is creative or environmentally friendly. Whether it is used for gratitude, treatment, blessing or surprise, the design of gift packaging must be appropriate and sustainable. The most popular gift box in 2022 is a folding cardboard magnetic gift box with ribbons, foam inserts, logos, text, etc.

Folding Cardboard Magnetic Gift Box With Ribbon

Cosmetic Box

The short-cycle service life of cosmetics has become one of the most profitable industries for packaging and printing. A new type of popular cosmetic packaging box appears every month, which has become the leading field of packaging design.

Luxury Black Cardboard Wig Packaging Magnetic Book Shaped Gift Box With Logo

Clothing Packaging Box

90% of clothing packaging is retail design packaging, and 10% is gift design packaging. Common box types are: lid and base box, drawer box, pillow box, magnetic box. Most of the materials used are ivory paper, gray cardboard and medium-density cardboard. Therefore, while complying with sustainable packaging design, we must combine industry characteristics to provide customers with useful suggestions or packaging solutions.

Creative Clothing Packaging Pillow Gift Box With Handle

Jewellery Box

Jewelry packaging has very high design requirements, whether it is appearance or consumer experience, it is the customer's priority. Of course, our prices are fully accepted by customers. The core of the design concept of jewellery packaging is to display jewellery and protect jewelry. The exquisite and compact design appearance is preferred by consumers and jewelry manufacturers. Regardless of the packaging of genuine or imitation jewelry, we have the most unique packaging solution.

Jewellery Earring Packaging Sliding Drawer Gift Box With Handle

Electronic Packaging

The demand for electronic product packaging is high. Customers must consider both the packaging cost and the consumer experience. Therefore, the packaging customization will consider paper raw materials. Different raw materials have different printing prices, and the pursuit of luxury or high quality or low price is a priority. Gray cardboard box is a common box type for electronic packaging, and foam inserts of various shapes are also the best partners.

Black E-cigarette Packaging Two Pieces Gift Box With LOGO

When Sonpha decides to become a sustainable packaging supplier, it will also abandon part of its business scope. However, focusing on paper packaging is the long-term development route in the future. Welcome to consult your customized packaging solution, there is always something we can do for you.