How to Google you needed packaging solution?


When we are looking for a packaging solution or a packaging mock up or packaging design idea in Google, what keywords we search will determine how fast you find the right one. Of course, everyone knows that. I would like to share some tips, hoping to help you save time.


If you are looking for a packaging solution, what keywords can help find what you want quickly?

If you know how to classify them, then the answer is ready. Packaging suppliers can be divided on: paper, wood, metal, leather, plastic, cellophane and so on. If you are looking for a paper packaging supplier, just search paper packaging supplier. Similarly, just add a material name to search for packaging suppliers in other categories. This can help us filter out any unrelated information.

If you want to find packaging mock up on the Internet to improve your brand's packaging, what keywords we should use?

Lets image that if we are sourcing a paper box, by the way, why we always use paper as an example, because this is my job. If your packaging solution is blank, you can get many rich packaging samples by searching for a simple description. This search method can provide enough samples, but it is not exact enough. If you only have simple ideas for your personal design packaging, it is a bit difficult to find the right one to help you in Google in above method. At this moment, you can search with some features, such as box color, box type/shape, printing tech, size, function, etc, such as kraft round box, 10x10x12cm plain box, sliding packaging box for cosmetic and so on.


If you want to find packaging design on Google to make personal design packaging, how can you search faster?

There is also a turning point here. Same method as finding packaging suppliers, we have to add material name to exclude unwanted information. After we browsed some packaging design companies, we found it difficult to meet our needs. Because no real product is the same as or close to our mind. Some companies will make online models to show the design and 3D model. The others will display several creative packaging boxes to attract customer’s consultation. We, Sonpha, are also one of them, but we have a comprehensive design and packaging concept. Our focus is: A comprehensive understanding of the customer's background, product information, brand value and grow-up history , can get the best packaging box.


In addition, let me tell you a little trick: packaging carton is generally mailer box. Packaging boxes are generally cardboard boxes. Packaging carrier is generally for glass products, mainly corrugated handle box. Of course, because of the cultural differences between different countries on Google, it is normal for the same packaging box to be called differently.