Magnetic Gift Box

Magnetic gift box is a type of gift packaging box, which is recognized by consumers because of its super strong magnetic flip cover. Magnetic gift boxes are often used for corporate gift packaging, customer gift packaging and special event gift packaging. When customizing a magnetic gift box, you must first distinguish between a cardboard magnetic gift box and a corrugated magnetic gift box. The price, touch and process difficulty of the two are very different. Don't get into the misunderstanding, almost all printing factories can customize and print magnet boxes of different colors, processes and sizes. With the corresponding printing machinery, the customer's creativity can be realized. The design of magnetic gift boxes will be more diversified in the future, let's foresee it.

Cardboard magnetic gift box

Since being a supplier of sustainable gift boxes in 2019, Sonpha has designed a variety of magnetic gift boxes around the world. Cardboard magnetic gift boxes account for 80%, and corrugated magnetic gift boxes account for 20%. Its advantage is that it is environmentally friendly, reusable, and attractive enough. There are too many options for the external printing of the magnetic box. UV, bronzing, embossing, 3D printing can be used, and foam inserts, ribbons, goose down, etc. can be attached. While enriching the packaging content, it will not affect the stability of the cardboard magnetic gift box.

Rigid Cardboard Holographic Magnetic Gift Box

Corrugated magnetic gift box

The corrugated magnetic gift box is used for express transportation of fragile and valuable items. Corrugated paper has very high compression resistance, and it also has the characteristics of waterproof and abrasion resistance through double-sided UV printing. Due to the simple process, the price is cheaper than the cardboard magnetic gift box. Corrugated magnetic gift boxes are widely used for brand promotion, used to thank consumers, increase loyalty, or convey important promotional messages.

Pink Corrugated Magnetic Gift Box

Folding magnetic gift box

In order to combine the advantages of cardboard and corrugated paper, the design of a folding magnetic gift box can solve the high cost of transportation while protecting the items. The foldable magnetic box does not take up too much space and is very easy to transport. Usually used for packaging of clothing, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Folding Cardboard White Magnetic Gift Box