What are different types of printing for gift color boxes?


What are different types of printing for gift color boxes?

The surface treatment of common gift color boxes is divided into several categories:

1. Film: light-covered film, dumb film, touch film.

2. Polishing: polishing, oiling

3. Silk screen: UV, three-dimensional UV, etc.

4. Hot stamping: ordinary hot stamping, hot silver, laser, three-dimensional hot stamping, hot silver, laser, etc.

5. Bump hit: convex hit, concave hit, relief

6. Embossing: embossing, cloth, leather, dragon, and refractive embossing. These processes are sometimes used alone or in combination.

1. The gift colour box should use the kind of surface technology, depending on the purpose of the product, but also combined with the design style of the colour box. If the design style is vivid and enthusiastic, you can choose the light film. The shiny light film can set off this style. The colour is lighter and the design style is softer. You can choose to cover with a matte film. The matte film has a refraction effect to make the color softer. The touch film is a bit thicker than the light film and the dumb film, and the surface of the film has a delicate touch, which is the most expensive one in the film.

2. From the perspective of environmental protection, the polishing or oiling process can be selected. The polishing is to coat a layer of transparent paint on the surface of the printed sheet, which is heated and melted to have a high gloss effect. The oiling is to coat a thin layer on the printed sheet. Oil layer. The cost of polishing and oiling is the same, but lower than coating.

3. UV is also called silk screen. It is a process of embellishment on the surface of the printed sheet. Generally, UV is applied to the logo of the pattern or the main place to be expressed. It has a bright effect or can be made into a matte texture. Colorful UV is to add various colors of UV ink on the basis of ordinary UV to become colorful, the usage is the same as ordinary UV

4. Hot stamping and hot stamping are also called hot stamping. Generally, this process should be done to highlight the content on the printed sheet. Now it is possible to hot stamp gold of various colors, including black, blue, red, white, gold, green, etc., due to the need for hot stamping The machine is heated and pressed, so it is also called blanching.

5. Bumping is a kind of protruding effect of text or pattern, or the effect of recessing. It is to express the design style. This needs to be made of zinc plate or copper plate, and then processed on a die-cutting and creasing machine. The embossing is also made as a version, but the cost of this version is higher, and the convex or concave effect is more obvious after processing.

6. Embossing is a process of embossing the texture on the full page of the printed sheet. There are many styles of textures to choose from. As long as the processing plant is large enough, it can meet the needs of various embossing patterns. There is also a refractive embossing process. Zinc plate, the cost is relatively high, in the early stage, you need to make the refraction pattern on the computer, and you can flexibly choose the pattern to be embossed and the text and pattern to be refraction and embossing.