Why Sonpha called experienced gift boxes supplier in China?


As a gift boxes supplier in China, Sonpha has extensive experience in packaging design. Design unique and creative packaging solutions for gifts under various cultural backgrounds in Europe, America and Asia.

According to statistics from alibba in 2021, the most popular custom gift packaging box is a foldable cardboard magnetic gift box. This box type is very easy to transport, has an excellent consumer experience, and can be reused. Sonpha, a custom gift packaging factory for 30 years, has produced many gift boxes, such as cosmetic gift boxes, wine packaging gift boxes, toy packaging gift boxes, clothing packaging gift boxes, thank you series gift packaging boxes, leisure and entertainment gift packaging boxes and so on. The biggest advantage of OEM packaging is that it can customize a unique packaging box based on the customer's packaging purpose and the characteristics of the packaged items, so the gift meaning is also unique.Let's arrange the most popular packaging gift boxes from 2018 to 2021.

The most popular gift box in 2018 is of course the white magnetic gift box with ribbon.

 Pure white represents gratitude or blessing without any purpose. Ribbon sealing means a wonderful start. The magnetic flip cover is very convenient to use, and the experience is very good.

white Christmas Packaging Magnetic Gift Box With Logo
2019 kraft round gift box turned out
The natural rounded appearance of the cylindrical box, and the unique mysterious protection of the seal, make the cylindrical box popular among consumers, among which the kraft paper cylindrical box is unique.
kraft paper wine packaging round cardboard box with handle
2020 pink pair mounted shipping mailer gift box

The new crown has caused many real businesses to almost lose their business qualifications and even face bankruptcy. People are quarantined at home in accordance with the national policy, and many outdoor activities are transferred indoors, giving the express box a godsend opportunity. The pink pair-mounted express gift box makes people have a rare optimism in the most difficult, most disturbing or boring time. It is like a candy block in a bitter coffee.

Pink Double Side Printing Shipping Mailer Box

2021 composite gift box came into being

Just after the test of the new crown, people's creativity was suffocated and all burst out. People are no longer satisfied with packaging design with individual advantages such as appearance, convenience, and printing technology. People combined their lives to create many composite gift boxes, including Sonpha of course.

Rose Flower Packaging Composite Gift Box With Sliding Tray

We are very proud to witness the historical changes in custom packaging, whether as a gift box manufacturer or packaging design in other industries.